A Process of working begins with an association by getting in to contract with “KCPN Consulting”. Objective of signing contract is to delineate our understanding of recruitment process and key elements of success. It is done in juxtaposition with needs and requirements.

At “KCPN Consulting” we don’t work with client as a consultant, we work with our client as Business Partners. We begin the Recruitment Process by understanding our client’s needs. We understand that without having proper coordination with client, we won’t be able to achieve mutual objectives. So, Partnership is essential to understand, to communicate, to identify needs, to negotiate the best for client as well as for candidate and to close the deal with win – win situation.

We insist on two elements to our work, a commitment fee from Client partners and performance fee for our work. We strongly feel there two elements ensure we have attention of the decision maker from clients end and also the firm we work for will not be held to release for unrealized gains.
  • Understanding the Job
    Description Provided by Client
  • Market scrutiny
  • Hunting strategy
  • Initial Contact
  • Checking Interest Level of Clients
  • Candidate Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Reference
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